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Rebuilt Gearboxes

Rebuilt gearboxes are the higher end of the range. As with the Refurbished gearboxes, these are built from stripped, cleaned and checked components, but instead of using all used parts, new components are used to replace those which incur high wear.

The components which are replaced are:

    1st motion single roller bearing
    1st motion spigot bearing
    3rd motion double roller bearing
    3rd motion nose bearing
    Idler bearing
    Layshaft & Bearings, a competition high grade steel shaft is used
    4 x baulkrings
    Molybdenum competition diff pin
    2 x planet gears & bronze thrusts
    2 x output shaft mica washers
    2 x Steel bound diff bearings
    6 x Synchro springs and balls
    Central oil pickup replacing the standard oil strainer
    New seals and gaskets throughout plus primary seal
    All gaskets required to refit gearbox to engine