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A Series & A+ Engine number decoder

This page will attempt to decode your engine number to give the original specification of the engine and gearbox.

   Engine Number   


   Guessworks Feature Product - Windage Tray   
Windage tray for 4 synchro rod change gearboxes. With a small amount of modification / fettling can also be fitted to 4 synchro remote cases, but NOT 3 synchro.

The main purpose of the tray is the separation of the oil in the sump from the rotating components of the crankshaft.

It should be noted that before final fitting you should check all your clearances both with the gears in the gearbox and also the conrods and their studs, bolts, nuts and endcaps.

Unit is supplied with 4 x M5 Stainless pan head screws which will need 4 holes drilling into the case to mount.

Fitting instructions are available by following the link

Suitable for use in both road and competition vehicles.

Also available...Windage tray Fitting kit


£ 20.83 + VAT
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