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Speedo Worm Drive - 5 Tooth

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When changing wheel sizes, final drive ratios or Speedo clusters it is essential to make sure the speedo cable worm and pinion drives are correct for the car. There are many combinations available, some work better than others, but one which is suitable for the application can usually be found.

This is for a single 5 Tooth worm drive, 22G2022, compatible with the following pinions

Part number reference
16 Tooth DAM2905
17 Tooth22A1881 superseded by DAM2904
18 Tooth22G2024 superseded by DAM6365

To calculate the required drive please use my ratio calculator page

£ 10.00
(£ 12.00)

This is a used part; all used parts are carefully cleaned and inspected before being made available for re-sale