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’Box in a Box

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Introducing the ’box in a box.

A complete 4 Speed A+ gearbox cleaned and inspected ready to be assembled. All you need is some tools, time and loctite

Comes supplied with the following original parts

DAM5626 Gearbox case stripped cleaned with its matching differential cover
Two reconditioned side covers with new bushes machined to size
Gearbox front cover
A+ 4 synchro gear kit
A+ Input gear
A+ Mainshaft & Nut
Selector rods, forks pivot pin and levers
Laygear thrusts
Oil strainer and Pipe
Differential Assembly &anmp; bolts
Pot joint output shafts
Selection of shims

and the following new parts

1 x 13H2934 Clutch Oil Seal
2 x 13H9513 Needle roller bearings
4 x GW-22G2033 Baulkrings
6 x 22G2262 Synchro springs (Pre-assembled into synchro hubs)
1 x 31B447 Pivot pin seal
1 x AAU1365 RHP Double roller bearing
1 x AAU8424 RHP Spigot bearing
2 x ADU5738 Ouput shaft seal
1 x ADU7619 RHP Single roller bearing
2 x AHU1856 RHP Differential roller bearing
1 x AJM804B Gasket set
6 x BLS107 Synchro Balls (Pre-assembled into synchro hubs)
2 x BTA101 Differential fibre thrust washer
1 x C-22A1739 EN36 Layshaft
1 x C-BTA166 High grade steel differential pin
1 x CCN110 Spigot bearing circlip
1 x CHM141 Layshaft needle roller bearing
2 x DAM5071 Differential broze thrust washer
2 x DAM6624 Planet Gears
1 x GHF223 3/8" UNF Nyloc nut
1 x TUK100320 A+ Idler Bearing

1 x FD32 – 3.2 Crownwheel and Pinion

All for a total of £750 + shipping

Optional extras

Central oil pickup pipe + £25
Windage tray £20 ( the case will come pre-drilled and tapped for the tray )
X-Pin Differential £120 ( will replace the already specified differential components )
Straight cut Drop gears + £215
4 Piece SCCR Gearset + £300
6 Piece SCCR Gearset + £400

Bundle of the above with 4 piece SCCR gearset + £650

Bundle of the above with 6 piece SCCR gearset + £750

All prices quoted include VAT @ 20%

£ 625.00
(£ 750.00)